Lena in the curvelet domain

This project is used for editing the images in the curvelet domain. It allows visualization of the curvelet structure and applying threshold denoise for each wedge in the curvelet domain.


  • browser: browse files inside the working directory
  • canvas: display original image, processed image and their difference
  • digital_tile: configure the number of scales and number of azimuth in digital tiling of the curvelet space
  • dynamic_viewer: interactive visualization of the selected wedges in the curvelet domain
  • main: the main module
  • process: the backend processes


  1. Apply threshold denoise to the image on selected regions in the curvelet domain:


  1. View the curvelet domain structure of an image by the wedge index:


Yu Xiang
Yu Xiang
Applied Scientist

PhD in Physics, Applied Scientist.